Decay never sleeps, and loves eternal…

I think I’m going crazy (or crazier)…I’ve been hearing the 20th Century Fox theme all week just outside my bedroom door. I open the door with slow trepidation (is that possible?) and the sweet/sour scent of walking death sweeps over me, thick and en-wrapping, and I am taken into the cool embrace of love, lust, and longing. I hear a few gurgling words that I can only make out to be, “Honey…I…am…HOME.” I drag my dark companion to bed, lay back and spread her wide and bury my yearning eyes into her pages as pleasure consumes me.

Yes, she’s here, and her name is…


The book I’ve been talking about and the one you’ve been waiting for has arrived. It came out earlier this week, but I’ve been waiting for all ducks to be in their rows before I grabbed your arm like a shameless salesman. Behind that delicious cover you see above are fifty tales by fifty authors of forbidden, macabre love and sex, told with horrific intensity and with a little eye-wink. Beware, this is not for the easily disturbed and is strictly ADULTS ONLY. And if you aren’t disturbed by it, well, we either didn’t do our jobs or you really need to see a therapist, or be committed and locked away for everyone’s safety (mine in particular).

Now the reason I’m promoting this gem of a book, if you don’t already know, is that I, yes me, have a story within. Edited by the intrepid Stacy Turner at Angelic Knight Press, it also contains stories from my comrades, Tim Marquitz, Jake Elliot, and Jo Chaton, who are just as twisted as I (they might argue about that). My little tale is called…wait for it…”Love Stinks”. (I know I know, I borrowed it from the J. Geils Band, but hey, it fit perfectly!) Here’s a very tiny sample…

Her name was Stellar Stacee—he called her Stell—and he had loved her since her first starring role in STACEE’S HOMECUMMING, Part One of Eleven of the DADDY NEEDS YOU series. Edwin remained her biggest fan. Probably the only fan she had left, what with the zombie apocalypse and all.

Now dead and struggling to eat him, Stellar was all his.

Uh huh, gotcha now, reeling you in as we speak. Don’t struggle, just go with it. Now, let me show you where to buy:

At Amazon of course, where you can get it for you Kindle right now, and the paperback will be available in about a week:

And at Smashwords, where it is available for your Kindle, Nook, and many other ebook formats:

There ya have it, or if you don’t, do it now, I mean NOW, click on one of the links above and get it for Zeus sake!


I Plug Thee…Horrific!

A Recipe for mouth watering madness:

Take 1 Cup Horror, 1 Cup Erotica, 1 Tablespoon of Fantasy, 1 Huge Dash of Black Humor…

Mix well in daring publisher (Angelic Knight Press) with equally daring editor (Stacy Turner), heat for a few weeks over an open spit, while marinating with death and sex, till well done and the air is filled with its hunger inducing aroma, then wrap it in an eye-catching display and serve it warm and steamy…

And call it…


You read right; zombie erotica, or as Jake Elliot called it: zombie smut. Yep, my friends, you’re going to find me in there with 49 other boundary pushing writers, getting all dirty nasty and I don’t know what else! I’m truly proud and honored to have been picked from hundreds (perhaps millions!) of submissions to be included, along with my friends Tim Marquitz and Jake Elliot, in this unusual and one of a kind book. Coming soon, (and I mean very soon, like, this month, around Valentine’s Day) keep your eye out for it and snap it up while its hot and available! I’ll keep you posted.

And if you haven’t already gotten you copy of Fading Light: An Anthology of the Monstrous (in which I am also included, thank you very much)…

FL-Cover-682x1024 (4)

Well, what were you waiting for? What’s the matter? Dontcha like top-notch horror stories? Are you scaaarrred? Huh? Huh? Chicken are ya?! Uh huh, I thought not. For a paperback version or for your Kindle, click the FL cover above. For Nook and other ebook formats, visit Smashswords here,

My shameful plug has ended…you may move on now.